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The following publications are based on research that was funded by SPAN


Héctor Carrillo & Amanda Hoffman

Carrillo, Héctor, and Amanda Hoffman. (2017) “‘Straight with a pinch of bi’: The construction of heterosexuality as an elastic category among adult US men.” Sexualities.


Kathleen Galvin & Marla Clayman

Russell, A. M., Galvin, K. M., Harper, M. M., & Clayman, M. L. (2016). “A comparison of heterosexual and LGBTQ cancer survivors’ outlooks on relationships, family building, possible infertility, and patient-doctor fertility risk communication.” Journal of Cancer Survivorship, 10(1).


Jeremy Birnholtz

Blackwell, C., Abbott, C., and Jeremy Birnholtz. (in press) “Seeing and Being Seen: Co-Situation and Impression Formation in a Location-Aware Gay Dating App,” to appear in New Media and Society.

Fitzpatrick, C., Brubaker, J., and Jeremy Birnholtz. (2015) “Social and Personal Disclosure in a Location-Based Real Time Dating App,” Proceedings of the 48th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Science, Kauai, HI, January 5 – 8 (nominated for best paper award).

Fitzpatrick, C., Handel, M., Brubaker, J, and Jeremy Birnholtz. (2014) “Identity, Identification and Identifiability: The Language of Self-Presentation on a Location-Based Mobile Dating App,” in Proceedings of the 2014 Conference on Mobile Human-Computer Interaction (MobileHCI), Toronto, Canada, September 23-26, pp. 3-12.

Héctor Carrillo & Steven Epstein

Epstein, Steven, and Héctor Carrillo. “Immigrant Sexual Citizenship: Intersectional Templates among Mexican Gay Immigrants to the United States.” Citizenship Studies 18, no. 3/4 (2014): 259-276.

Steven Epstein

Waidzunas, Tom, and Steven Epstein. “‘For Men Arousal Is Orientation’: Bodily Truthing, Technosexual Scripts, and the Materialization of Sexualities through the Phallometric Test.” Social Studies of Science 45, no. 2 (2015): 187-213.

Kai M. Green

“The Essential I/Eye in We: A Black TransFeminist Approach to Ethnographic Film,” Kai M. Green, Black Camera, 6, no. 2 (Spring 2015) (pp. 187-200).

Beth Hartman

Hartman, Beth. “Playing the Fool? The Challenges of Conducting Ethnographic Research on Stripping,” International Journal of Communication 7 (2013), Feature 2482-2494, USC Annenberg Press.

Hartman, Beth. “Taking It Off for Fun: Striptease, Leisure, and Labor in the Midwestern U.S.,” in Reflecting on America:Anthropological Views of U.S. Culture, 2d edition, edited by Clare Boulanger, Left Coast Press (forthcoming).

Rae Langes

Langes, Rae. “Cornholes and Corn Mothers: Cooking up Queer Futures in Anatural Birth,” GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies 20, no. 4 (2014), Duke University Press.

Michael Newcomb

Newcomb, M. E., Birkett, M., Corliss, H., & Mustanski, B. (2014). Illicit drug use disparities in sexual minority adolescents: Examining sexual orientation, gender, and race differences in a sample of U.S. high school students. American Journal of Public Health, 104, 304-310.

Newcomb, M. E., & Mustanski, B. (2014). Diaries for observation or intervention of health behaviors: Factors that predict reactivity in a sexual diary study of men who have sex with men. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 47, 325-334.

Newcomb, M. E., & Mustanski, B. (2014). Cognitive influences on sexual risk behavior and risk appraisals in men who have sex with men. Health Psychology, 33, 690-698.

Mustanski, B., Starks, T., & Newcomb, M. E. (2014). Methods for the design and analysis of relationship and partner effects on sexual health. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 43, 21-33.

Newcomb, M. E., & Mustanski, B. (2013). Racial differences in same-race partnering and the effects of sexual partnership characteristics on HIV risk in MSM: A prospective sexual diary study. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 62, 329-333.

Sarah Rodriguez

Rodriguez, Sarah. Female Circumcision and Clitoridectomy in the United States: A History of A Medical Treatment, University of Rochester Press.

Karly-Lynne Scott

Scott, Karly-Lynne. “Orgasms Without Bodies” in World Picture 10 (Spring 2015).

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