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The Sexualities Project at Northwestern (SPAN) is a multi-pronged, critical, and interdisciplinary initiative to promote research and education on sexuality, sexual orientation, and health in social context.


SPAN funds research by Northwestern faculty members; selects postdoctoral fellows in an international competition; and awards dissertation fellowships, summer research grants, and conference travel support to Northwestern graduate students. SPAN also organizes workshops, brings speakers to campus, and promotes a range of educational activities relating to sexuality studies. Our goal is to support Northwestern’s contributions to the emerging research agenda on sexual orientation and sexuality, particularly within the social sciences (broadly construed).

SPAN has provided funding to faculty and students in more than 15 departments and programs on campus, and its workshops and events have been attended by a wide cross-section of the Northwestern community.

Kane Race -- Workshop 2017 Keynote

Kane Race — Workshop (2017)

Reading Group (2017)

Alexandra Garr-Schultz -- Summer Research Fest (2017) Kai M. Green — Postdoc Talks (2016)

Alexandra Garr-Schultz — Summer Research Fest (2017)

Kai M. Green — Postdoc Talks (2016)

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