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The Sexualities Project at Northwestern (SPAN) awards summer research grants to Northwestern graduate students through an annual competitive process. Awards are made by a faculty committee. For information on upcoming calls for applications, click here.

By Year: 2020 | 2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011



Jabari Evans (Communication Studies)
“Hip-Hop in the Sexual Marketplace: Black Women’s Relational Labor Strategies in the Social Media Age”
Julia Fernandez (Communication Stuides)
“How Cues in Social Media Interfaces Impact LGBTQ+ Participation”
Natalie Gallagher (Psychology)
“Being Gender Trouble: How Do LGBTQ+ People Experience the Stereotypes of Others?”
Emma McGorray (Psychology)
“Understanding Bisexual Identity Invisibility in the Context of Romantic Relationships”
Kenneth Pass (Sociology)
“Diagnosing Blackness: AIDS, Science, and the Evolution of Black Politics”
Febi Ramadhan (Anthropology)
“In the Making of Godly Trial: The Reinforcement of Heterosexual Script through Conversion Therapy Practices in Indonesia”
Addie Shrodes (Learning Sciences)
“‘Watching My Freedom’: Consequential Critical Literacies in the Everyday Digital Activities of Trans and Non-binary Teens”
Benjamin Zender (Performance Studies)
“The Queer Labor of Sexual Archives”
Erique Zhang (Communication Studies)
“Navigating Transfeminine Beauty, Passing, and Wellbeing”


Dominique Adams-Santos (Sociology)
“Queer Women of Color, Intimacy & Digital Placemaking in Chicago”
Brandon Alston (Sociology)
“From the Cradle to the Grave: Tracing the Ways Carceral Surveillance Enforces Sexual Humiliation of Urban, Poor, Black Men”
Carlos Gustavo Halaburda (Spanish & Portuguese)
“Pleasure and Duty: Melodrama, Queer Sexualities, and the Futures of Reproduction in Latin America (1880-1910)”
Erin Hughes (Psychology)
“Invalidation of Same-Sex Partners’ Couple Identity”
Erik Lovell (Sociology)
“Pathways of LGBTQ+ Homeless Youth into Adulthood: Navigating Resource Brokers”
Alyssa Lynne (Sociology)
“Gender, Medicine, and Standardization: Gender-Affirming Health Care in the U.S. and Thailand”
Mirna Nadia (Sociology)
“Maintaining the Erotic Pyramid: Victimless Crimes and the Deployment of Sexual Knowledge in Indonesia”
Whitney Pow (Screen Cultures)
“Stored in Memory: Recovering Queer and Transgender Life in Software and Video Game History”
Wayne Rivera-Cuadrado (Sociology)
“Understanding Violence through Vicarious Exposure: Confidants of Victims and the Impact of Sexual Assault Disclosures”
Zorimar Rivera Montes (Spanish and Portuguese)
“Colonial Myths: Crisis and Neoliberal Culture in Puerto Rico”
Addie Shrodes (Learning Sciences)
“‘Being Unapologetically Out Online Helps a Lot’: Social Medai as a Mediator for Learning, Identity, and Resilience in Transgender and Gender Non-conforming Adolescents”
Enzo Vasquez Toral (Performance Studies)
“Drag, Folklore and Activism in Bolivia’s Fiesta del Gran Poder”

Michael DeVito, Julia Fernandez, and Ashley Walker (Communication Studies);
“Participatory Design to Center LGBTQ+ Community Values in Social Platforms and Algorithms”


Karlia Brown (Sociology)
“Do All Black Lives Matter? The Treatment of Sexual Misconduct within Black Activist Communities and What We Can Learn from It”
Ivan Bujan (Performance Studies)
“Aesthetic Encounters: PrEP-inspired Art as Iteration of Aids-related Activist Practices”
Julia Fernandez (Communications Studies)
“Transgender Users of Dating Platforms”
Julian Glover (African-American Studies)
“To Be Real: Black and Latinx Transgender Women in the Ballroom Scene”
Tay Glover S. Tay Glover (African-American Studies)
“Queered Belonging in the Black Diaspora: Southern Black Lesbian Queer Women and Erotics”
Carlos Gustavo Halaburda (Spanish & Portuguese)
“Governmental Fiction: Melodrama and Latin America’s Reproductive Futures, 1880-1910”
Moira Kyweluk Moira Kyweluk (Anthropology)
“The ‘Egg Timer Test’ in Clinical Context: Sexuality, Identity, and Fertility Testing”
image Gervais Marsh (Performance Studies)
“Centering Disrespectability” Performance Activism in the Anglophone Caribbean”
Anna Michelson Anna Michelson (Sociology)
“Redefining the Romance: Classification and Social Change in Romance Genre Fiction”
Bahram Naderil (Anthropology)
“Pious Prostitutes: The Practices of Religious Devotion among Indonesian Transgender Sex Workers”
Mirna Nadia (Sociology)
“The Pro[s]per Families: Tracing the Sexuality Discourse within the Indonesian Family Planning Program”
Jennifer Porter-Lupu (Anthropology)
“Albert and his Live-In Carpenter: Queer Encounters with Archaeological Trash”
Ashley Walker & Michael DeVito (Communication Studies);
“Stigma in Supportive Online Spaces: Investigating the Disclosure and Management of Doubly-Stigmatized Gender and Sexual Identities Online Within the LGBTQ+ Community”
Mlondolozi Zondi (Performance Studies)
“Unmournable Void: Movement, Corporeal Integrity, and Death in Black Contemporary Performance and Visual Art”


Ruby Ray Daily Ruby Ray Daily (History)
“Sex and Violence in Greater Britain, 1850-1950”
Michael DeVito & Ashley Walker (Communication Studies);
“Coming Out & Being Out Cross-Platform: Investigating Queer Self-Presentation Across Multiple Social Media Channels”
Gil Engelstein Gil Engelstein (History)
“Queer Europe: Mobility beyond borders, and the making of the postwar world”
Lauren Herold Lauren Herold (Radio/TV/Film)
“Vito Russo’s Our Time and the Cultural Politics of Queer Public Access”
Kyle Kaplan Kyle Kaplan (Music Studies)
“Music, Intimacy, and International Homosexual Collaborations (1957-1962)”
Moira Kyweluk Moira Kyweluk (Anthropology)
“Freezing for the Future: Culturally Mediated Fertility Preservation Decisions Among Trans Youth and Parents”
Marie Laperrière Marie Laperrière (Sociology)
“Understanding Power and Violence between Intimate Partners”
Alyssa Lynne Alyssa Lynne (Sociology)
“Negotiation and Medicalization of Transgender Identities in a Thai Nonprofit Organization”
C. Tova Markenson C. Tova Markenson (Theatre and Drama)
“Entrance Forbidden to the Yiddish Theatre: Performance and Jewish Prostitution in Buenos Aires, 1900-1939”
Bennie Niles, IV Bennie Niles (African American Studies)
“‘From Rainbows to Warriors’: Understanding the Role of Masculinity and Sexuality in Hawaiian College Football”
Kenneth Pass Kenneth Pass (Sociology)
“Making Bad Laws Better: Race, Sexuality, and the Modernization of HIV Criminal Law”
Keegan Terek Keegan Terek (Anthropology)
“The Language of Queer Asylum in Amman, Jordan”
Benson Zhou Benson Zhou (Communication Studies)
“Chinese Gay Masculinities, Globalization, and Homonormativity: An Ethnographic Study of Sexual Hierarchy in Beijing”


Morgan Clark
Morgan Clark (Sociology)
“Violence and Boundary Work in Online Video Game Communities”
John Fleming John Fleming (Clinical Psychology)
“Identifying Factors That Influence PrEP Uptake Among Transgender Women”
Alexandra Garr-Schultz Alexandra Garr-Schultz (Psychology)
“Identity Denial, Authenticity, and Resilience in Bisexual Populations”
Julian Glover Julian Glover (African American Studies)
“Eating It, Working It, Serving It and Living: On the experiences of Transgender Women of Color in Chicago’s Ballroom Scene”
Tay Glover Tay Glover (African American Studies)
“Exploring Southern Black Queer Women’s Identity, Pleasure, Resistance, and Erotic Community”
Kevin Hsu Kevin Hsu (Psychology)
“Sexual Racism in the LGBT Community: What’s Behind Racial Preferences in Sex and Dating Among Gay and Bisexual Men?”
Anna Michelson Anna Michelson (Sociology)
“Incorporating the Erotic: Women’s Sexuality and Symbolic Boundaries in Romance Genre Fiction”
Bennie Niles, IV Bennie Niles, IV (African American Studies / GSS)
“Queering the Starting Line: Making a Case for Caster Semenya and Other Non-Binary Athletes”
Karly-Lynne Scott Karly-Lynne Scott (Radio, TV, and Film / Screen Cultures)
“Pornographic Corporealities: Constructing the Body in Moving Image Representations of Sex”
Stefan Vogler Stefan Vogler (Sociology)
“Legal Bureaucracies and the Production of Sexual Knowledge”


Robin Bartram (Sociology)
“Uncertain Sexualities and Unusual Women: Museum Depictions of Jane Addams and Emily Dickinson”
Catherine Harrington Catherine Harrington (RTVF/ Screen Cultures)
“Producing Prison: Prison representation and the negotiation of industry, technology and race 1970-present”
Ryan Lei Ryan Lei (Psychology)
“Who is Included When Talking About “Gays”?: The Role of Prototypicality on Ethnic Majority and Minority Member’s Group Identification and Support for Collective Action”
Erik Lovell Erik Lovell (Sociology)
“Negotiating Queer and Religious Identities: Integrating Contradictory Cultural Frameworks”


Clare Forstie Clare Forstie (Sociology/ Gender & Sexuality Studies Cluster)
“Queer Connections: Making Friends in Community and Identity Contexts”
Roy Gomez Cruz Roy Gomez Cruz (Performance Studies)
“Transnational Acrobatics: Performing Flexible Labor and Fluid Sexuality in the Contemporary Circus”
Rae Langes Rae Langes (Performance Studies)
“Performing Monstrosity: Queer and Transgender Tactics of Resistance in Twenty-first Century United States.”
Angela Leone Angela Leone (Rhetoric and Public Culture)
“Born Wild, Created to be Free: Sexual Promiscuity, Western Masculinity, and Religion in Professional Bull Riding”
Kellie Owens Kellie Owens (Sociology/ Science in Human Culture/ Medical Humanities)
“From the Delivery Room to the Bedroom: How Obstetricians and Midwives View Their Role in the Sexual Health of Their Patients”
Karly-Lynne Scott Karly-Lynne Scott (Screen Cultures/ RTVF)
“Supersensual: Erotic Engagements with Media and the Extension, Reconfiguration and Remapping of the Spectatorial Sensorium”


Kemi Adeyemi Kemi Adeyemi (Performance Studies)
“Performing Somewhereness: Black Hipsters and the Politics of Belonging in the Gentrifying Neighborhood”
Savina Balasubramanian Savina Balasubramanian (Sociology)
“From Griswold to Naz: Transnational Implications of Foreign and International Law for Sexual Politics in India, 1990-2009”
Robin Bartram (Sociology)
“Flirtation Flats and Race Suicide Apartments: Encouraging White Reproduction Through Architectural Design”
Beth Hartman Beth Hartman (Anthropology)
“An Ethnographic and Ethnomusicological Study of Stripping in the Midwestern U.S.”
Jeff Kosbie Jeff Kosbie (Sociology/Law)
“Contested Identities: Legal Translation and Social Movement Organizations”
Justin G. Louie Justin G. Louie (Sociology/Management & Organizations)
“Shifting Gay Identities and the Evolution of the Gay Bar”
Mollie McQuillan Mollie McQuillan (Human Development & Social Policy)
“Victimization Is More Strongly Associated With Depressive Symptoms for LGBTQ Adolescents Compared to Other Adolescents”
Stefan Vogler Stefan Vogler (Sociology)
“Legally Queer: The Sexual Politics of Orientation Asylum”


Andrew Brown Andrew Brown (Performance Studies)
“Refuge in Performance: LGBTI Asylum Seekers and Belonging in South Africa”
Teri Chettiar Teri Chettiar (History)
“Deprived Children, Unstable Marriages, and Neglectful Mothers: On the Rise of the Psychiatric Family and the Psychopolitics of Emotion in Britain, 1945-c.1979”
Nisa Goksel Nisa Goksel (Sociology)
“Transnational Political Mobilization of Kurdish Women: Narratives of Sexual Violence, Trauma, and Displacement”
Jeffrey Kosbie Jeffrey Kosbie (Sociology/Law)
“Queer(ing) Law: How LGBT Legal Organizations Use Law to Construct Identity”
Melissa Minor Peters Melissa Minor Peters (Anthropology/Public Health)
“Kuchu Kampala: Economic Aspirations and Queer Subjectivities in Uganda”
Elizabeth Rodriguez Elizabeth Rodriguez (English)
“Consensual Relations: Sexual and Political Subjectivity in England, 1550-1680”


Tera Agyepong Tera Agyepong (African American Studies)
“Intersecting Constructions of Race, Gender, and Sexuality: The Criminalization of African American Children in Chicago and the Development of the Juvenile Justice System (1896-1940).”
Leigh Goldstein Leigh Goldstein (Radio-Television-Film/Screen Cultures)
“Broadcasting Sex Ed”
Gregory Mitchell Gregory Mitchell (Performance Studies/Gender & Sexuality Studies)
“Tourist Attractions: Gay Tourists and Men Who Sell Sex to Men in Brazil”

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