graduate student mentoring sessions

In conjunction with the Gender & Sexuality Studies doctoral colloquium, SPAN organizes mentoring sessions for graduate student recipients of SPAN funding (summer grants and dissertation fellowships). At mentoring sessions, awardees present their work in progress and have the opportunity to receive feedback from an interdisciplinary group of students and faculty members.

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Ivan Bujan (Performance Studies)
“The Ecstasy of Sexual Abjection: Performance and Queer World Making”

Morgan Clark (Sociology)
“Violence and Boundary Work in Online Video Game Communities”

Alexandra Garr-Schultz (Psychology)
“Identity Denial, Authenticity, and Resilience in Bisexual Populations”

Julian Glover(African American Studies)
“Eating It, Working It, Serving It and Living: On the experiences of Transgender Women of Color in Chicago’s Ballroom Scene”

Tay Glover (African American Studies)
“Exploring Southern Black Queer Women’s Identity, Pleasure, Resistance, and Erotic Community”

Kevin Hsu (Psychology)
“Sexual Racism in the LGBT Community: What’s Behind Racial Preferences in Sex and Dating Among Gay and Bisexual Men?

Mollie McQuillan (Human Development and Social Policy)
“Transitions: Pubertal Medical Treatment, Social Interactions, and Immune Response for Two Cohorts of Gender Dysphoric Youth”

Anna Michelson (Sociology)
“Incorporating the Erotic: Women’s Sexuality and Symbolic Boundaries in Romance Genre Fiction”

Bennie Niles, IV (African American Studies)
“Queering the Starting Line: Making a Case for Caster Semenya and Other Non-Binary Athletes”

Lital Pascar (Rhetoric and Public Culture)
“‘A New, Revolutionary Way to Love’: contemporary discourses about (non)monogamy”

Karly-Lynne Scott (Radio/Television/Film)
“Pornographic Corporealities: Constructing the Body in Moving Image Representations of Sex”

Stefan Vogler (Sociology)
“Legal Bureaucracies and the Production of Sexual Knowledge”


Robin Bartram (Sociology)
“Uncertain Sexualities and Unusual Women: Museum Depictions of Jane Addams and Emily Dickinson”

Ryan Lei (Psychology)
“Who is Included When Talking About “Gays”?: The Role of Prototypicality on Ethnic Majority and Minority Member’s Group Identification and Support for Collective Action”

Erik Lovell (Sociology)
“Negotiating Queer and Religious Identities: Integrating Contradictory Cultural Frameworks”

Stefan Vogler (Sociology)
“Ruling Sexuality: Law, Expertise, and the Making of Sexual Knowledge”


Meiver de la Cruz (Performance Studies)
“Economies of Authenticity: Belly Dance and Post-9/11 Nationalism in the United States”

Roy Gomez Cruz (Performance Studies)
“Transnational Acrobatics: Performing Flexible Labor and Fluid Sexuality in the Contemporary Circus”

Rae Langes (Performance Studies)
“Performing Monstrosity: Queer and Transgender Tactics of Resistance in Twenty-first Century United States”

Angela Leone (Rhetoric and Public Culture)
“Born Wild, Created to be Free: Sexual Promiscuity, Western Masculinity, and Religion in Professional Bull Riding”

Karly-Lynne Scott (RTVF/ Screen Cultures)
“Supersensual: Erotic Engagements with Media and the Extension, Reconfiguration and Remapping of the Spectatorial Sensorium”


Robin Bartram (Sociology)
“Flirtation Flats and Race Suicide Apartments: Encouraging White Reproduction Through Architectural Design”

Beth Hartman (Anthropology)
“An Ethnographic and Ethnomusicological Study of Stripping in the Midwestern U.S”

Jeff Kosbie (Sociology/ Law)
“Contested Identities: Legal Translation and Social Movement Organizations”

Alexandra Lindgren-Gibson (History)
“British Working-Class Culture and Family Life in Victorian India: Renegotiating Class, Sexuality and Race, 1858-1914”

Ari Shaw (Political Science)
“Claiming International Rights: Human Rights Mobilization and Domestic Change”


Tera Agyepong (African American Studies)
“Constructions of Gender & Sexuality and Processes of Criminalization at Illinois Homes of Delinquent Children, 1899-1950”

Gina Di Salvo (Theatre/ Gender & Sexuality Studies)
“‘She Shall Desire Her Rape’: Miraculous Sexuality and the Epistemology of Sanctity in the Red Bull Virgin Martyr Plays”

Kareem Khubchandani (Performance Studies/ Gender & Sexuality Studies)
“Dancing Filmi Ishtyle: Performing Bollywood out of Sync”

Melissa Minor-Peters (Anthropology/ Public Health)
“White Chickens in the Pink Village: Space, Consumption, and Queer Habitus in Kampala, Uganda”


Tera Agyepong (African American Studies)
“Boundaries of Innocence: Race, Sex, and the Criminalization of Black Children in Chicago’s Juvenile Justice System, 1893-1950”

Clare Forstie (Sociology)
“Where are the Lesbians? Rethinking Lesbian Identity Through Gender Expression at Sisters, a Lesbian Bar”

Leigh Goldstein (RTVF/ Screen Cultures)
“Broadcasting Sex Ed”

Jeff Kosbie (Sociology/ Law)
“Organizational Change and Divergent Legal Strategies in LGBT Legal Organizations’ Responses to HIV/AIDS, Marriage, and Transgender Discrimination”

Melissa Minor-Peters (Anthropology/ Public Health)
“Development’s Demons: Discourses on Witchcraft, Homosexuality, and Corruption in Uganda”


Connor Doak (Slavic Languages and Literature)
“From Enfant Terrible to Poster Boy for Public Health: Sexuality in the Work of Vladimir Mayakovsky”

Theo Greene (Sociology/ Gender & Sexuality Studies)
“Sexual Orientation, Sexual Identity, and the Politics of Place”

Angela Maione (Political Science)
“The Place of Sexuality in the Critical Reception of Rights of Woman”

Greg Mitchell (Performance Studies)
“Godfather Gringos: Sexual Tension, Queer Kinship, and the Families of the Future”

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