fund for curricular innovation

Fund for Curricular Innovation
Submissions are closed.
Submissions will open Spring 2021.

Proposals due May 18, 2020.

We invite you to submit a proposal to the SPAN Fund for Curricular Innovation as part of SPAN’s new Curricular Fellowship Program. The Sexualities Project at Northwestern (SPAN) is a multi-pronged, critical, and interdisciplinary initiative to promote research and education on sexuality in social context. We are seeking to expand SPAN’s mission to include a curricular component designed to offer courses across a broad range of disciplines to provide undergraduate students with a solid interdisciplinary foundation in sexuality studies. These courses are meant to complement existing offerings in the Gender & Sexuality Studies Program (GSS), as well as to foster links between GSS and departments/programs that have not traditionally co-listed undergraduate courses with GSS.

Each SPAN Curricular Fellow will serve a three-year, non-renewable term. Our goal is to select three SPAN Fellows per year over each of the next three years, for an eventual total of nine Fellows at any given time.

Any NU faculty member with a continuing or renewable appointment is eligible to submit a proposal, including professors of instruction. Fellowships being September 1, 2020.

In courses supported by a SPAN Curricular Fellowship, students will be expected to:

  1. Engage with literature, research, and/or theories related to sexuality, sexual orientation, or sexual health in social context, with either a US or international/global focus, or
  2. Better understand how sexuality and sexual identity are related to other forms of social difference, including gender and gender expression, race and ethnicity, social class, religion, and nationality, or
  3. Better understand how histories, institutions, cultures, and social structures affect sexualities at the local, national, or global levels, and shape individual and collective experiences and identities, or
  4. Think critically about social scientific approaches to sexuality and/or sexual health in a broader social context.

Over the 2020-21 academic year, SPAN Curricular Fellows will meet and work together on developing their courses to be offered over the next few academic years. These meetings will focus on discussions of pedagogy, assessment, and innovative ways to encourage the development of new and expanded course offerings that address questions of sexuality and health. The results will be shared with the SPAN Co-Directors.

What to include in the proposal:

  • the name and a brief description (250 words maximum) of the proposed course;
  • an additional paragraph describing how the proposed course would complement—but not duplicate—current course offerings.

Proposals can be for courses at any level, e.g. first-year seminars, introductory (200-level) and minor/major courses (300-level). All proposals must be approved by the faculty member’s department chair. If the proposal is for a course to be offered through an interdisciplinary program, that program’s director must approve the proposal as well. This endorsement should include a commitment to offering the course on a regular basis.

Please also ask your chair and/or program director to send an email confirming their approval to

For participating in the SPAN Curricular Fellowship program, faculty will receive $2,000 in research funds.

Substantive questions about the fellowship program should be directed to 2019-20 SPAN Co-Directors Héctor Carrillo ( and Gregory Ward ( Questions concerning the electronic submission should be directed to SPAN Program Assistant Cassilyn Ostrander (

We very much hope that you will consider applying for this important curricular initiative.


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